Lost followers because of my followers gift. Oh the irony!

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Well, here it is! A big thank you to everyone for following me. I HEART SIMBLR :D

This faaabulous art is by Michael Breyette and it bound to give you wonderfully filthy thoughts :* Meshes are by Tamo and RD and come in Large and Small sizes…the paintings that is. I was in the middle of making previews for the vertical paintings and my computer decided to shut down for an automatic update…Thanks Windows! Trust me, they are HOTT! Check out Mr. Breyette’s gallery!

Download Horizontal // Download Vertical

These ARE NSFW…there are asses, dicks, jockstraps, thongs, speedos…everything that’s matters in life ;)

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simnels replied to your post: Those shoes are everything.

Is it weird that I feel like I’ve known you forever and I’m not even entirely sure what your name is

I definitely remember you from LJ :D I’m a confusing person…most people on LJ thought I was a woman from the UK (username was stakeit-uk). But it turns out I’m just an entitled man trying to barge into women’s spaces…see secret 17 this week :P

Most people call me beav, or Eddie :)

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dulfin replied to your post: QUADRUPLE RAINBOW IN THE SNOW!!!

I always get so many rainbows in Hidden Springs, too. Triple rainbow happens the most, but I have gotten quadruple rainbows once!

Same, I’ve seen a few in Sunlit Tides, but never more than one. HS must be mystical…

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simplysimsy ;
The story you've ben posting where does it begin?
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Newsea Vice City, Female T-E

V1 texture by Pooklet, EA base by Anubis


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TOO much mother/son closeness :\

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